General donations can be made online, in person, by phone or mail. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Personal Cheques and Cash.


Monthly Giving Program

Rose of Sharon offers an easy method to support its work without having to write cheques regularly or respond to costly appeals by mail. With your permission, we will be pleased to process your donation automatically through your bank or credit card company. Our printable Word document gives you more information and the necessary authorization forms. To download. Print out and complete the Monthly Payment Form and either mail or fax it to us at (905) 853-5949.

Annual Receipt Program

For those who give multiple gifts over the year, or for those who prefer to receive their charitable gift receipts just before tax time, this program is ideal. Your annual receipt will show details of your donations throughout the year and will be mailed to you at the end of January each year. This program saves processing costs, and thus ensures that even more of your donation is used directly in program

Planned Giving Programs


Leaving a legacy after a lifetime of working and saving can provide for long-term security of those people and charities that we care about. The different ways that you can plan a gift to Rose of Sharon, depending on your specific circumstance include:

Bequests - The easiest and simplest way to give, with great tax advantages. Consider including Rose of Sharon in your will. A charitable bequest directed to Rose of Sharon may be stated in your will in a variety ways: a percentage of an estate, a specific dollar amount, or as the residual of the estate.

Life Insurance Option – You can consider a larger gift by naming Rose of Sharon as the owner and beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy. The premiums you pay qualify as a tax credit. When you transfer ownership of an existing policy to Rose of Sharon, you would receive a tax receipt for the cash surrender value of the plan. This would be separate from your estate and have no effect on your assets.

Charitable Remainder Trust or Gift Annuities – Provides you with income for life, favourable tax treatment and a current income tax receipt, with Rose of Sharon as the beneficiary. In this case, your gift of property or cash would be used to establish a trust or annuity. You receive the income from the trust or annuity, the terms of which are determined at the time it is established. You would get a tax donation receipt for the remainder. Rose of Sharon would receive whatever remains in the trust or annuity after your death.

Securities – Many people who own stock that has appreciated over the years are concerned about paying a large capital gains tax should they decide to sell. Recent changes to Canada’s tax laws have resulted in the elimination of capital gains on publicly traded securities when they are donated to a registered charity such as Rose of Sharon. You can now make a gift of listed securities to Rose of Sharon, and any capital gains on the securities donated are tax-free, but you would still get a full donation receipt. This is a great way to support the agency and do some tax planning at the same time.

Gifts In Kind – This is the gifting of properties including such items as real estate, securities, artwork, jewelry or collectibles. Your item would be subject to an independent appraisal, at which time Rose of Sharon could issue a tax receipt.

Please note that the information above is general and it does not constitute legal or financial advice. We strongly encourage you to seek professional legal, estate planning and/or financial advice before deciding on your planned gift to Rose of Sharon. To discuss planned giving options that might be best for you and your family, please contact the Development Department at (905) 853-5514.

If you would like to donate in another way, please visit our How To Help page.